Ortho-K and Myopia Control

Ortho-K (short for Orthokeratology) is a non-surgical procedure using specially designed night time contact lenses to gently reshape the curvature of the eye to improve vision.

For the last 12 years Dr Kim has been fitting children and adults with nighttime (CRT, ORTHO-K) lenses that not only correct your vision while you sleep but also slow down myopia. She has fit her own children with these lenses. Her patients have shown to slow down 50-90% of myopia with these nighttime lenses. Many studies have shown these lenses to be safe and effective in myopia control.

There are other methods of myopia control. Recently, studies have also shown that use of low doses of atropine eye drops to be effective in myopia control. There are several other options of myopia control using special soft contact lenses and multifocal lenses. Studies have shown “epidemic” of prevalence of myopia and predicts nearly half of the global population maybe nearsighted by 2050.

Schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Kim to go over the best option for your child to slow down myopic changes in their eyes. Do not delay! The sooner your child starts myopia control the lower their prescriptions will be!

Myopia Control Through Ortho-K
Safety of Ortho-K
SMART Study 2015
Atropine Clinical Trial
Ortho-K vs Atropine 2014


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